Same great juice.

Ensures cleaner handling and transportation.
Easily lets you see what's inside the pail.


Easy-to-Open Lid with Built-in Gasket

Allows fermentation gases to escape without spilling juice.


Volume Indicator

Shows the amount of juice you're getting.


Taller Size Pail with Head Space

Reduces overflow of juice during transportation.


Translucent Plastic

Lets you identify if pail contains red or white juice.

The original juices! There are 25 different varieties of Festa Juice to suit all winemaking tastes – and they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All juices are analyzed and balanced so that you can produce great wines you'll be proud to serve. Plus, we offer exclusive premium juices with skins for even more professional results. These juices include frozen grape skins to produce wines of exceptional character. Fermentation on the grape skins allows for additional aromatics, tannins and colour to be extracted and imparted to the wine resulting in the finest homemade wines that are sure to impress the most discriminating wine lover.

The same varieties as our fresh juices are available in a pasteurized format as well. Our pasteurized juices are produced using state-of-the-art pasteurization equipment with Festa Juice's original fresh juices. These pasteurized products offer two key advantages: They have an extended shelf life and they don't need refrigerated storage. Juices will not start to ferment until the included yeast has been added so you can decide when you want to start your winemaking process.

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